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Joee Building Renovation, was established in 2000 in Sydney, is a company with 20 years of professional construction and renovation experience. Joee construction and Joee Building Renovation is composed of a group of experienced and skilled professional construction teams. 

The scope of services we offer: kitchen renovation, bathroom renovation, laundry renovation, outdoor decking, build-in wardrobes, installing timber flooring, installing window, indoor & outdoor renovation, etc…

Why choose Joee Building Renovation?

Creative & innovative design

Design is the homework that must be done before the renovation. A good design can not only bring visual enjoyment to your overall renovation, but also add more use space to your house. Joee Building Renovation provides a professional experience and creative design team, based on your preference. The style you like will provide you with exclusive design services.

Unparalleled renovation quality

The quality is guaranteed. During the construction process, we will ask you to sign for acceptance at every stage. Joee Decoration has a strict and complete construction management system. Every project acceptance is strictly checked. Each construction site has a project manager who monitors the entire construction process and is responsible for the progress of the construction site, quality management, and the deployment of various staff. Coordination with the owner. Because they are professional construction workers with professional knowledge and construction management experience, they can keenly discover problems on the construction site and solve them thoroughly, which can save time and trouble for busy owners. After the completion, the owner will personally check and accept, and sign for confirmation after passing the check and acceptance

After-sales service

We provide after-sales service guarantees with attentive customer service for the results of the renovation. The completion of renovation by our team does not mean the end of the service. A truly good after-sales service can make the owner comfortable, worry-free, rest assured, and relieved

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